Why 3d Modeling And Rendering Is The Wave Of The Future

by: Trevor Ball | March 21, 2016

Imagine yourself cruising down the freeway overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You’re driving a beat-up run-down Honda Civic with holes in the seats. The air conditioner hasn’t worked in years and your radio only consists of FM/AM and a cassette player. Sure the Honda might get you to where you’re going but it’s going to take a while and it’s not going to be much fun. This is the design and architecture equivalent of designing only in hand drawn or 2D CAD plans.

Now imagine you decide to speed up to get a better look at a brand new red car convertible ahead of you. You get lost in its beauty as it speeds up ahead and out of sight. For the next few moments all you can feel is jealousy and disgust. You say to yourself, “Man I wish I had a nice car like that.” You tell yourself that one day you will get that new car and you will enjoy what many other humans enjoy on a daily basis. That fast, sexy red car is the design and architecture equivalent of designing, modeling and rendering projects in 3D.

Within the world of design and construction nowadays there is a tool that is taking the market by storm. This storm is 3d modeling. It is comprised of 3d modeling, animation, photo-realistic renders, flyby videos and many more.

Here at Stack Rock Group we have been building 3d models for many years. We fully understand its capabilities and believe that every architect, landscape architect, contractor, construction manager, real estate agent, land planner and developers, etc. should utilize this design strategy. It has many pros and very minimal cons when you take it into consideration.

Here are just of a few reasons you should be designing in 3D:

  • Cost savings and return on investment (ROI). Many companies are taking advantage of 3D modeling and everything that it has to offer. They are able to save a lot of money and fulfill all of their design and construction dreams.
  • Speed and agility. With 3d modeling a lot of benefits come about. It is very easy to adjust and manipulate since it is in a digital file. The designer can change colors, materials, or overall layout of spaces very easily in a timely fashion. Whereas with hand drawn renders it takes a lot of time to redo a plan when things change.
  • Your employees are freed up to work on other project and be more productive. Since time is money we can present you with the finished product for your upcoming presentation. This will free up your employees to do other things.
  • Marketing awesomeness. Once the model is constructed then the owner of the project can easily decide how they want to promote or represent their project. It can either be by photo-realistic renders, filtered renders, fly-by videos or a combination of all of these. The sky is the limit. As time goes by, styles of these 3d renders are always changing. The only things we need is a client with a vision and we can make it happen.
  • The only downfall to 3d modeling are the perceived extra costs. It may look expensive when you take a glance at the overall proposal, but it will pay itself off in a short period of time. You can compare 3d modeling to the new car. It is expensive when you first buy the new car but eventually down the road it must be purchased since everyone will have a new car at some point. It is up to you to know what to buy and when to take the leap. That time is now. Go ahead and give it a try.

I want to give you a scenario. You decide to place all of your life savings in an investment fund to design and construct a new modern designed ski resort/hotel. You go ahead and hire an architect and a land planner. Wouldn’t you want to see what the future ski resort/ hotel will look like in 3d before you sign off on the purchase? Of course you would. Don’t throw away your life savings without taking advantage of all of your options.

With 3d design, we will be able to construct and place the new building on site to see what it looks like. From there we can show you what everything will look like from the patio spaces to the color of trim. At this phase things are very easy to manipulate and change to your interest. We will allow you to be confident with your decision and your family will be able to live on the investment for years to come with style and swagger.

It is up to you whether or not you want to sign for 3d modeling services. You know in the back of your mind that you want these services. You need these services. We at Stack Rock Group can confidently say that you will have zero problems with the selling of your project with the service we provide.

As time goes by it will become clearer that it is time to trade in the Honda Civic take that sexy red convertible for a spin.



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