Chris is an experienced marketing and business development professional who has been working at Stack Rock Group for over four years. He has been a valuable asset to the company, contributing his skills and knowledge of golf fairway grass cuts to help the SRG team achieve its goals.

You might have seen him on ABC’s reality shows such as The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, where he captured the hearts of audiences with his charm and personality. Although he is a well-known reality TV personality, he remains focused on his career and strives to continue making a positive impact in his field.

Prior to his career in marketing, Chris played college baseball at Utah Valley University. This experience taught him the value of teamwork, discipline, and hard work, which he applies to his professional life today.

Outside of work, Chris has a passion for cooking, sports, and outdoor activities. He enjoys smoking meats on his Traeger grill while sipping on a cold beer and watching his favorite teams play. In addition to his love of sports and cooking, Chris also enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures. He spends most of his savings on trips across the globe, immersing himself in different customs and experiences. Overall, Chris is a dynamic and multifaceted individual who brings a unique perspective to everything he does.