Lindsay Reynolds

Lindsay is a seasoned landscape architect at Stack Rock Group who embodies the spirit of exploration and creativity in both her personal and professional life. Originally hailing from the picturesque landscapes of New Hampshire, Lindsay embarked on a transformative journey westward in 1998, seeking her undergraduate education amidst the natural wonders of California. Her wanderlust eventually led her to the rugged beauty of Idaho in 2005, which she proudly calls home.

Lindsay’s academic journey is as diverse as her geographic peregrinations. She earned her undergraduate degree in Wildlife Ecology from Humboldt State University, delving deep into the intricacies of the natural world. Subsequently, she ventured eastward to Georgia, where she pursued a Master’s in Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia, bridging the realms of ecology and design.

Outside the realm of landscape architecture, Lindsay is a multifaceted individual with a penchant for a wide range of hobbies. Her most demanding pastime involves embarking on a never-ending series of projects on her property—a labor of love that reflects her commitment to nurturing the environment. A true nature enthusiast, Lindsay finds solace in the great outdoors, frequently indulging in camping, hiking, and fishing adventures. Her passion for relaxation takes the form of moments spent in her hot tub, a well-deserved respite from life’s demands.

One of the quirkiest aspects of Lindsay’s persona is her ambidexterity; she possesses the unique ability to throw with her left hand while elegantly writing with her right. This duality exemplifies her adaptability and versatility, qualities that undoubtedly enrich her creative approach to landscape architecture. With Lindsay’s deep-rooted connection to the natural world and an innate gift for creative problem-solving, continues to be an invaluable asset to Stack Rock Group, where her designs reflect her love for the environment and her dedication to shaping sustainable and beautiful outdoor spaces.