Samantha Hammer

Project Manager

Samantha is a multi-talented landscape architect and project manager with a passion for the outdoors. She obtained her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho.

With over 11 years of experience in her field, Samantha has worked for the US Forest Service in Idaho/Montana in Landscape Architecture, Recreation, and GIS. She has also spent three years at Stantec in Edmonton, AB, where she worked in Landscape Architecture and project management for large-scale development and municipal landscape projects such as parks, wetland restoration, sustainable communities, recreation facilities, streetscapes, demonstration/interpretive exhibits, and more. Samantha has also spent three years at Seabrook, a new urbanist beach town in WA, working in interior design, construction and project management.

Samantha enjoys backpacking, hiking, fishing, and traveling to experience new places and landscapes. She has lived in several different locations, including Switzerland, Georgia, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and Canada (Alberta). Samantha grew up farming in Oregon and is currently located in and running our office in Montana.

Samantha is a proud mother of two kids and four dogs, making her house a lively and dynamic circus. With her extensive experience and unique background, Samantha is committed to creating sustainable and beautiful outdoor spaces and designs that reflect her love for the natural environment.