Tyler Croft


Tyler is a landscape architect for Stack Rock Group and has been with the firm for over two years. He obtained his Landscape Architecture degree from Utah State University, where he also attended a tech school and learned various types of welding. Tyler has worked in landscape construction and knows what it takes to build, therefore he can give our clients realistic timelines. He can also whip up a mean drink or coffee if you catch him given the opportunity!

Born and raised in Farmington, Utah, Tyler is not married and does not have any kids. However, he does have a chubby cat that he loves taking on adventures. In his free time, Tyler enjoys snowboarding, camping, attending concerts, and exploring the outdoors with his feline companion.

One funny/weird fact about Tyler is that he has broken the same tooth multiple times and has stopped getting it fixed. Despite this, he continues to smile and share his passion for landscape architecture with others. With a unique background and a love for the natural world, Tyler is dedicated to creating sustainable and beautiful outdoor spaces that enhance the quality of life for his clients.