Banter – A Gnome’s Eye View

By: Jessen Jene Buster | April 10, 2016

Walk into the office. Seriously, do it.

You must spend some time, only so you can experience the luster that is SRG’S secret ingredient. Well, one of many.

What would be the ‘atta kid’ on a baseball field during light practice prior to a big game. It is the banter.

This non-conventional form of secondary communication gives light and life to the office culture. It fuels creativity and passion for what some have confused for a job, like the actual daily-do, ‘cough’ career.

Why? It appears it evens the playing field; an unexpected level of comfort arises, helps some acknowledge their faults and delve in to improve, help some soften corners and others appropriately absorb, be true friends and bring to light the little ‘stuff’, provides a means to vent, and many other positive aspects. And, oh but the laughter.

Laughter is a glistening touch on the team. The beauty of what it offers is overwhelmingly priceless. This laughter breaks barriers to interact, work as a team, and create/produce things that many are very proud of. It provides a vehicle for contrasting personalities to make the most of the day and offer one’s personal best.

It’s been a beautiful squirrel suit ride n’ glide seeing individuals come into their own, and tap-press-grow their potential.

Banter is not a corporate ideology, but gosh darnit’ times are shifting rapidly. Seeing such a rule bended offers great promise to this group.

Embrace your quirks and soar. The neighbors will envy, and in this case it’s not a sin. Agree or disagree, but oh what a charm a life in a day at the SRG.

Love your one and Gnomely,

Seamus O’ Beardingly



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