Hp Corvallis, Oregon Campus Achieves Sustainable Sites Gold


A big, huge, enormous CONGRATULATIONS to our friends at HP for achieving Sustainable SITES Initiative GOLD on their Corvallis, Oregon campus!

This is HP’s second SITES Certified campus. The first is in Boise, Idaho.

Administered by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), SITES offers a comprehensive rating system designed to distinguish sustainable landscapes, measure their performance and elevate their value. SITES certification is for development projects located on sites with or without buildings—ranging from national parks to corporate campuses, streetscapes to homes, and more.
SITES is a sustainability-focused framework that ushers landscape architects, engineers and others toward practices that protect ecosystems and enhance the mosaic of benefits they continuously provide our communities, such as climate regulation, carbon storage and flood mitigation. SITES is the culmination of years of research and development by leading professionals in the fields of soil, water, vegetation, materials and human health.
By providing performance measures rather than prescribing practices, SITES supports the unique conditions of each site, encouraging project teams to be flexible and creative as they develop beautiful, functional and regenerative landscapes.
SITES-certified landscapes help reduce water demand, filter and reduce stormwater runoff, provide wildlife habitat, reduce energy consumption, improve air quality, improve human health and increase outdoor recreation opportunities.
SITES certification is based on a point system: the number of points that a project earns determines the certification level it receives. The SITES certification process allows projects to benchmark against performance criteria. The process is performed through SITES Online, which is a simplified tool designed to register a project, provide worksheets to aid in project documentation and track projects from start to finish.

Interested in designing a new sustainable campus or renovating an existing campus landscape to be more sustainable; requiring less water, less maintenance, and saving money?

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