Jesse, Carmen And Kate Participate In Hagerman Valley Pathways Charrette

Over the weekend of April 21st to 23rd Jesse, Carmen and Kate participated in a community design workshop in Hagerman to explore valley pathway connections.

The Hagerman Bike and Walk Committee and the Hagerman Chamber of Commerce teamed up with the City of Hagerman; the National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance; the Idaho-Montana Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects; and a diverse group of local and regional experts to design ways to make better connections between the many cultural, natural, and scenic wonders in the Hagerman Valley.

The workshop focused on producing creative solutions for linking the proposed pathway system to local schools and businesses; city, county, state and national parks and other destinations in the valley. Further focus was on creating a unique identity for the trail system and promoting the different types of use it can support, like walking, biking, birding, horse-back riding, etc.

The vision for the pathways is a network of pathways that connects Hagerman Valley communities and over 30 natural and historic wonders along a 20-mile corridor of the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway. The first three pathway phases include a separated 10-foot paved pathway along Highway 30 between Billingsley State Park and the town of Hagerman; bike lanes through the center of town, and a pathway to the fish hatcheries south of town.

Other Idaho community projects that have benefited from charrettes like this one include the Barber Pool Conservation Area Interpretive Trail, Caldwell’s Indian Creek Daylighting Project, and the Pend d’Oreille Bay Trail. All reaped positive results that turned good ideas into on-the-ground actions. About half of this year’s 35 workshop participants are from Hagerman Valley, evenly matched with regional experts and landscape architects coming in from Twin Falls, Boise, and Pullman.

Goals of the charrette were to:

I think the charrette was a total success. I feel like we have them headed in the right direction and helped raise public interest and support for the project. – Jesse Buster, PLA

Hagerman Bike and Walk envisions the town of Hagerman as a pathways hub and destination for both residents and visitors. Charrette design solutions focused on creating an enhanced town entrance, vibrant downtown streetscape, and connections to schools, the city park, library, and other community assets. Connections with the valley’s cultural, natural and recreational resources were also be explored, such as all five units of Thousand Springs State Park, Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, Malad Gorge State Park, the historic Owsley Bridge, Snake River access sites, fishing ponds and hatcheries, hot springs, the Oregon Trail, and other valley treasures.

The Hagerman Valley Pathways project is the main focus of the Hagerman Bike and Walk Committee. Formed in 2016, the Hagerman Bike and Walk Committee is a non-profit group interested in linking the many scenic, historic, and unique Hagerman Valley features. For more information visit the Committee website at: or the Pathways Facebook page at:


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