Top 10 Ways Stack Rock Group Helps Landscape Contractors Increase Their Profitability

DID YOU HEAR? Stack Rock Group helps landscape contractors make more money, increase profitability, sell more projects, sell bigger projects, and focus on what they do best: build awesome landscapes.

Here’s the top 10 reasons why landscape contractors love to work with us:

10. We love landscape contractors:

Our background is landscaping and landscape construction. We grew up in construction. Many (most) landscape contractors don’t get along very well with landscape architects because they’re trying to tell them how to do their job. That’s not our style. We know how things work in the field; what’s on paper doesn’t always translate to what’s actually on site. We’re here to help not tell you how to do your job.

9. Landscape contractors love us:

We grew up in construction and bring urgency to everything we do; just like contractors. Our collaborative, team-orientated style isn’t normal. We know that. Construction is urgent. Historically design runs more on island time. Not at Stack Rock Group. Because we understand the urgency of construction, we help contractors not work against them.

8. We save you time by meeting

with potential clients for you:
You’re busy running crews, managing your business, taking care of clients and making sure your business is healthy. When a call from a prospective client comes in where design, visual aids, renderings and/or navigating the unknown might be needed, we’re here to help. We will meet with the client and work with them through the design process. Depending on the size and scope of the project you will be as involved or uninvolved with the design and project budgeting as you would like.

7. We are the design in your design-build operation:

Think of us as your in-house designers. You don’t have to supervise us, pay our insurance, provide us office space, provide us computers, pay for design software etc. We’re just like an in-house landscape architect or designer, only better.

6. We bring horsepower:

Most design-build landscape contractors only have a few in-house designers. If those designers get bogged down and can’t get concepts, revisions or construction docs out in the client’s timeline, what do you do? Push them back until you can get to them? Not anymore. We’re here to help. Your clients will never know we were involved. It will be our little secret.

5. We understand the urgency of construction:

Typically design and construction run at different paces. Construction is urgent. Historically design runs more on island time. Not at Stack Rock Group. We grew up in construction and bring urgency to everything we do. Just like contractors.

4. We deliver:

Time and time again our clients (landscape contractors, architects, corporations and homeowners) are amazed by our relentless follow-up and follow-through. When our clients tell us they need something from us on Thursday at 4, they have it by Thursday at 4. When our clients forget that they need a landscape plan to submit to the city with the building plans, they call us because they know we will make it happen.

3. We listen and ask the right questions:

All projects are different. What one client wants isn’t what another client wants or needs. All projects and clients are different; custom. We set each project’s foundation by skillfully asking the right questions in helping our clients clarify their personal and business goals, needs, wants and desires.

2. We show possibilities:

Our 3D modeling, rendering and VR capabilities are virtually unmatched. The old saying is true: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When we show our clients their new spaces as 3D renders or in Virtual Reality the next question is almost always “when can we start.”

1. We let you focus on what makes

you money: building awesome landscapes:
We let you cut out some of the noise and focus on building projects and making more money.

What are you waiting for? Give a shout today to stop wasting your time and start selling bigger projects and making more money.




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